Bodybuilder beats the odds after crash that nearly killed him

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WINNIPEG —; He was told by professionals he would never walk again after a horrific accident, but Shane Dyck surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Dyck, 23, is lucky to be alive after he lost control of his motorcycle on Main Street in Winnipeg on August 27, 2013, and flew head first into a cement planter.

“They said I’d be paralyzed from the neck down,” Dyck said. “I wasn’t supposed to walk again, they gave me a one per cent chance of ever walking.”


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Now Dyck is preparing to compete in the MABBA in March, the provincial bodybuilding competition.

“I’ve had nightmares of falling on stage, I’m so nervous.”

Dyck, who was a bodybuilder before the crash was determined to not live life in a wheelchair and pushed himself beyond any limit that was set out for him.

“I said no way am I not walking again,” Dyck said. “I cried for 10 minutes and got over it and worked harder than ever before.”

Dyck learned how to walk, how to breath, how to pick up a fork.

The simple things were the hardest.

After intense physiotherapy and even more intense workouts, Dyck is almost back to the body he had before the crash.

“I still walk with a limp, it’s kind of embarrassing,” Dyck said. “But at least I can walk.”

He no longer uses a walker or a cane but will get reconstructive surgery on his right leg after the competition in March.

Then again he’ll be in physio for another year.

There’s still a long road to recovery but at least Dyck knows he’ll live a life he wanted.

“I hope one day I can run, have kids and run after them.”

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