UPDATED: Support for Cooper Nemeth’s family pours in from around Winnipeg and around the world

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WINNIPEG —; The tragedy of Cooper Nemeth’s death has been felt across the city, the country and even the world.

For days, the community has come together. First, during the week long search for Nemeth and ultimately to help each other grieve and heal after the 17-year-old’s body was found late Saturday night.

From social media support and donations to words of condolence from those closest to the family and from complete strangers. The Nemeth family said the community has become united through the loss of the teen.

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“This started a legacy of bringing the community together, bringing people together,” Brent Sayles, the teen’s uncle said. “So we will continue on and create a legacy for him.”

A legacy that is already bringing together complete strangers.

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A hockey team called the Fylde Coast Phantoms, from Blackpool, England, posted a photo of the players kneeling on the ice in honour of Nemeth on Monday.

On the ice there are hockey sticks that spell out “R.I.P.”. The 苏州美甲纹绣培训 post reads, “In honour of Cooper Nemeth Number 7. From all the Fylde Coast Phantoms Bispham England.”

The Fylde Coast Phantoms from, Bispham England, posted the picture on 苏州美甲纹绣培训, honouring Cooper Nemeth.


Lee Lagden, who manages the 13 and under team, said he took the picture in order to show Nemeth’s family and friends their support.

WATCH: Lee Lagden, manager of the Junior hockey team in England, talks about why the players decided to honour Cooper Nemeth

“A friend of mine who plays hockey with me heard about the tragedy through 苏州美甲纹绣培训. So he suggested we do a memorial picture for Cooper, and then we sent it out over 苏州美甲纹绣培训.”

Lagden said the team took the photo so Nemeth’s family and friends know there’s people thinking of them, not just in Winnipeg, but across the ocean as well.

Thousands of dollars have already been raised through a GoFundMe page online and now a local deli is collecting donations as well.

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Nemeth’s mom, Gaylene, works at Kelmar Country Meats & Deli, where the owners are accepting cash donations and have set up a book of condolences.

Book of condolences at Kelmar Country Meats and Deli. Brittany Greenslade / Global News

Brittany Greenslade / Global News

“We’ve seen anything from small bills and a few coins to $50,” co-owner MaryAnn Penner said. “We had somebody drop off a collection that came from four hockey teams this morning. We even had a lady come in this morning who brought in a donation and her 95-year-old parents donated some money.”

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The widespread support is not lost on the family, who said it is incredible and overwhelming.

“There’s no manual of how to deal with this,” Sayles said. “So as we go forward. We create that manual and do the best that everyone knows how…to heal and adapt. Our lives will change. Everyone’s lives will change because of this.”

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